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What more could a man ask for?


by Anonymous

submitted January 31st 2007

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Zappa was first
11 years ago
Frank Zappa's the fuckin man, R.I.P.
11 years ago
I gotta learn to play that song...
11 years ago
That shit isnt beer, its piss
11 years ago
bumweiser is fucking flat boring ass tasteless shit water, tits on the other hand make me happy in pants
11 years ago
LOL at the shirt at the end. oh, well, I'll take the titties and pass on the beer...
11 years ago
I'll tell you what more a man could ask for. titties that squirt beer.
11 years ago
Budweiser is shit. I hate it. Maybe I'd drink it for a piece of pussy but not otherwise.
11 years ago
I...being from what was once the beer capital of the US area would have to agree and I feel strongly that bud is nothing but clydsdale piss in a fucking bottle.
11 years ago
I prefer cute angelic innocent faces with small features, big brown eyes, a sweet smile showing those nice white teeth, and sexy pink tongues and throats to boring tits, tits are shit and I don't care what size they are. I LOVE ASSES though. As for beer, I can't drink anymore because I have an itsy bitsy problem with that poison and and all psychoactive substances actually, a very addictive personality. WRAGHHHHHHHHH I'd love a fucking beer and a few lines of charley right now.
11 years ago
My gay friend Jim likes asses alot too. I'll hook you up with him.
11 years ago
Is this the autobiography channel now?
11 years ago
stupidest video ever, even my white trash ass wouldnt, drink that beer, we like our titties saggy and hairy, and our beer hot and stagnant.
11 years ago
bigger tits and nicer beer?
9 years ago
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