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Arm break

Pretty awesome move by the guy in blue.


by Stephen

submitted January 29th 2007

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that's Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto an mma fighter who is trying to make the olympic team for Japan. It's not a broken arm, but a dislocated elbow. out of action for 3-4 months because of it.
11 years ago
also the guy in blue is a bronze medalist at the last olympic games.
11 years ago
i dont believe anything of what anyone says here
11 years ago
why?? dont you know the smartest people in the world that know everything about everything come here just to post random facts out of the goodness of their heart so that they can spread smartness around the world?
11 years ago
i was expecting something gorey from this vid but.. no.. i'm kinda disappointed
11 years ago
Like the guy that gets his arm torn by an alligator?
11 years ago
Seemed a bit anti-climactic to me. Trash it.
11 years ago
well fuck you too...i just figured you douche bags would like the back ground of the video.
11 years ago
trash it
11 years ago
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