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Idiot Tries To Smash Fence With Car

Atleast he has full coverage on his car. I like the way he trys to play it off like its no big deal knowing deep down what a dumbass he is for trying that.


by Stephen

submitted January 29th 2007

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Ha ha ha. Crazy niggas and their wacky shenanigans...
11 years ago
Ha! niggas as usual breaking the law trying to break down a fence to trespass this time but get owned up!!
11 years ago
crumpled like a tin can!
11 years ago
Didn't see that one coming.
11 years ago
where is this at?
white kids callin each ohter nigguh...
11 years ago
Obviously they were not present for pysics class.
11 years ago
ha and obviously i was not present for english class. *physics*
11 years ago
Shit son, he hit the... what the fuck was that pussy gayass car anyway? Fucking toyota or some other fucking woman's car.
11 years ago
First breaking and entering, then, "Oooh I got full coverage..."

Only in American
11 years ago
11 years ago
-So how did this accident occur sir
-Yo, I wuz tryin to break dis fence so i could rob this joint and like the muthafuckin fence done broe my trunk biatch!
11 years ago
bolt cutters would have been a fuck of a lot cheaper than his deductable
11 years ago
Can someone please run that plate # and send that fuckin doorknob a big Mucho "fuck you".
11 years ago
License plate visible around 00:19

License Plate Number: CVD9147 New York
Standard Empire State License Plate


11 years ago
Dumb negros, the owner of that land should put set a claymore by that fence. You would have chocolate chips sprinkled all over the place.
11 years ago
I do believe his car is made of tin foil
11 years ago
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