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Proof that George Dubya Bush is a dumb-ass!!

A press statement where Bush messes up the old saying "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." This is off Jon Stewart's daily show and he makes fun of bush! Soooo hella funny! gotta watch this!!! I know theres a buncha cliche bush videos but this one is worth watching! haha check it out!


by yak

submitted June 9th 2004

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Whats going on here?
5 years ago
You commenting on a nine year old sub.
5 years ago
75 comments though?
5 years ago
The comments from old-old-old mucho was lost during a previous crash, i think....
5 years ago
I see what you mean. You get together with the brain trust to see what's going on. I'll put together a press release to get this out in the open before he media starts the conspiracy theory stories.
5 years ago
* Magawd dons his tin foil hat and hides in the drier. *
5 years ago
Damn, the conspiracy theories are already starting.
5 years ago
/me implores yak in private to come up with some fake comments to "find" before the actual content of the "lost" comments is discovered. The world just isn't quite ready to be exposed to that.
5 years ago
Loving Yaks enthusiasm in the description.
5 years ago
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