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GW is psychic..

I knew he had super-powers..


by keefbox

submitted January 26th 2007

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it's quite obvious 'voting' in the US senate and congress is a formality at the most, the WH very likely knew who was voting for what well ahead of time....so ya, GW ain't psychic, he's just privy to the info :)
11 years ago
problem is, he can only foresee about 2 hours into the future. He totally knows who's getting voted off Survivor.
11 years ago
*frankenstien voice* ARRR bush is evil! he knows the future! ER, i mean, he controls the world!
11 years ago
Really should go like this:
ARRRRRRRRR Bush EEEEVIL Bush know future uhhhhh mean control world!!!!!
11 years ago
Ha i love how the eye looks like the thing from Lord of the Rings.
11 years ago
I knew he was a psycho all along.
11 years ago
He was in India??? What the fuck? Are we outsourcing the president now too?
11 years ago
One can only hope...
11 years ago
When they said anybody in America could be President, I didn't think that included the town retard.
11 years ago
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