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Rental Car

This is why you NEVER EVER buy a used rental car no matter how good the deal is. The better the deal the more likely it has a history like this one.


by lava

submitted January 26th 2007

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I would just like to say, that limp biscuit is the 20th century equivalent to the black plague. They're fucking talentless
11 years ago
I would like to say, it seems that the plague has eaten their brains.
11 years ago
more than 6 minutes of video and you fucks talk about limp bizkit. ......
11 years ago
i couldnt bare to watch the whole thing. not even past half of the fucking limp bizkit track. retards
11 years ago
Cunts. I bought an ex-rental car once - didn't realise it was ex-rental until after I'd signed for the piece of shit - it wasn't even that good a deal. Over a short period of time I came to realise it must have hit the kerb/sidewalk very hard as the mechanisms down one side were screwed, the spare wheel rim had a large chunk missing from it - not to mention the gearbox that needed replacing
11 years ago
11 years ago
Wow they can drive a car!!! I rented a car last week and drove it around I just didn't think to video tape it.

It might have been cool if they did a jackass to it.
11 years ago
Hope they bought the extra insurance for the rental car :)LOL
11 years ago
"lets go muddin"
"whos truck are we takin"
"lets take the peon!"
11 years ago
Would have been better if they had gotten stuck in the mud.
11 years ago
fucking fagots trying to drift a neon? ok.... i thought the age limit needed to rent a car would prevent idiots from doing things like this would have helped.... guess not.
11 years ago
the Neon SRT-4 is a rental car too
11 years ago
I like the part where they went like 35 mph and stuff.
11 years ago
buying a rental car is like finding a wife at a whore house, everyones ridden it as hard and fast as they could go.
11 years ago
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