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Redneck 911

R U shur hes deead ya-all


by Anonymous

submitted January 24th 2007

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Funny cuz its true.
Oh, bTW... FIRST!!
11 years ago
must be your night.
11 years ago
damn you beat me, stupid fuckin redneck
11 years ago
Bloody anus
11 years ago
well, he did deserve to get shot
11 years ago
The beginning of the worst porno ever:

"Do you want me to see if hes sexually active too?"

"NO, GOD! Please NO!"
11 years ago
you're fucking wierd? go fap to something you fucking necrophiliac.
11 years ago
Devon Your Fuckin' Retarded...
11 years ago
WTF why the fucking looney tunes at the end... fat assed pig mutherfucka
11 years ago
Was that a fat bitch with a beard?
11 years ago
no,,thats the vice presidents older brothers youngest cousin on his mothers side twice removed
11 years ago
this joke's been around for awhile...
11 years ago
11 years ago
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