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Ronnie Lott is a madman

Ronnie Lott was stone cold..


by keefbox

submitted January 16th 2007

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damn right, that guy is the shit.
11 years ago
aaah i miss True football and footballers like him. now you cant touch anybody in any way or youll get a personal foul. bitch ass quarterback rule, kicker rule, horse collar, launching helmet first, blah blah blah... but i say the best safety of all time has to me brian dawkins.
11 years ago
Wow, slow fucking day for videos. I knew I should have submitted "Mr. Roboto" to continue the 80's theme.
11 years ago
did he cut the tip of his finger off before a game?
11 years ago
Yeah, he's great but how many white guys want to be him?
11 years ago
I sort of want that respect, but then again I like rugby more
11 years ago
Yes, he had them remove the tip of his finger becuase he did not want to wait the few weeks to let it heal. HARD ASS.

"The archetypal anecdote about Ronnie Lott recounts the time, late in the 1985 season, when doctors recommended surgery to repair the tip of his left pinky finger. The 49ers' star defensive back didn't want to miss any playing time in recuperation, so he chose a simpler procedure. He had the finger amputated above the third knuckle. He didn't miss a down."

11 years ago
There has to be a joke in there somewhere.
11 years ago
Sports are gay
11 years ago
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