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Now thats a jerry curl!

Who's better? Lionel Richie or Billy Ocean?


by keefbox

submitted January 16th 2007

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I perfer Aria. Wait, what was the question.
11 years ago
It's cool how they had a whole rotating room, that must have been fun to mess around with.
11 years ago
Next thing you'll be telling us is Santa Claus doesn't exist!
11 years ago
He exists, he just isn't what you think he is. You know all of those missing kids on the milk cartons? There's a reason he likes seclusion...
11 years ago
just let yo soooooooooooooooooul glooooooooooooooooooooooooow!
11 years ago
Gimme a brick house.
11 years ago
This is so obviously fake, you can see the wires. BTW, I think the blonde drummer we see at the beginning has quite a fascinating hybrid mullet.
11 years ago
Mmmmmmmmm! Smell that fagotry.
11 years ago
Songs like this made nicole who she is.
11 years ago
and of course ol rodney had to make a cameo?
11 years ago
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