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Japanese Bikini Cream Rodeo!

I'm honestly not sure wtf is going on but I think I heard "kingdom cream!", I like the guys that are "hiding" passing them the pies...


by yak

submitted January 12th 2007

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hmmmm pie
11 years ago
Let's see bunch of hot jap (well, semi for some of em) girls getting dirty without bodily fluids being involved. So they question I want answered most is... Does anyone know the name of the anime in the beginning? ... What?... Don't look at me like that.
11 years ago
I find the pie to be a major improvement over shit and puke, but I have no idea what the anime at the begining is.
11 years ago
public humiliation is very big in Japan
11 years ago
pie ninjas
11 years ago
Jesus Christ I love Japan
11 years ago
ay suppose it's very hard to aim at where yer throwin' a pie, when yer havin' an orgasm...
11 years ago
this makes me want to visit japan for a month and fuck everyone of those girls
11 years ago
We need more game shows like this
3 years ago
stop looking at this old shit
3 years ago
its dumb
3 years ago
don't be jealous fries
3 years ago
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