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We have another video of this guy's movies, basically a guy with stubs for arms kicking kung-fu ass!


by yak

submitted January 11th 2007

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That was awsome.

Id say I wish I had no arms like him... but I like jerking off too much so eh... im happy where im at.
11 years ago
crazy asians... even the disabled can woop ur ass
11 years ago
LOL Well it was nice of the guy to get that guy getting his ass whooped a drink :@
11 years ago
I just love the sound effects!
11 years ago
cant beleieve im the first say hes 'armless
11 years ago
lol the 2nd one is like a cockroach crawling around, and i loved the bukake ending
11 years ago
All of its gimp fu to me, remember all the stubs for penises
11 years ago
You can't tell me no body has seen 'Crippled Masters'!
11 years ago
they made a "crippled masters 2" as well......one of my fav kung fu movies
11 years ago
Yeah, don't pour any alcohol down my throat. It's poison.
11 years ago
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