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Ollie Reed

Ollie doing what he does best.


by borracho5000

submitted January 8th 2007

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The black belt of drunks. Any one who has ever had a drink will love this guy.
11 years ago
I would have loved to see a drinking match between him, Andre the Giant and Ted Kennedy.
11 years ago
could be a three way draw
11 years ago
Nah, I only threw Kennedy into the mix so that the other two could destroy him. But Andre and Ollie would have been a good match.
11 years ago
Andre is dead so it would have to be a draw between him and the Obese Shit for Brains Kennedy.
11 years ago
Uh, Ollie is dead also.
11 years ago
Hmm several things come to mind..
1) what a gay ass job that is. Shaving a mans mustache for gods sake. That dude should be wearing a dress. The constant ass lathering doesn't help matters.
2) Oliver sounds just like that Family Guy episode where Stewie and the dog get drunk.
3) WTF, how effed up is he?? good lord.
4) You frog bastard!! LOL. What a dick.
5) Awesome post. God I love MuchoSucko.
11 years ago
Truly is an awesome post borracho. So hilariously fuckn pissed. Muchosucko kicks ass over any other website on the wwwtf
11 years ago
lol stewie and the dog episode
11 years ago
"These top stories and Ollie at 11 - brought to you buy the drunken hobo network"
11 years ago
That French barber looked remarkably like the sixth Doctor.
11 years ago
I didnt read the description for this vid first. From the picture I thought it was going to be another Saddam video.
11 years ago
"Is that fast enough for you, frog?" LOL!
11 years ago
..... if i want to see someone drunk punching breaking shit, just speaking drunk bullshit ill just watch myself in the mirror
11 years ago
luv'd him in 3 Musketeers.
11 years ago
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