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More Hand Music

WTF song is that? Its the song that old pervert sings in Family Guy.


by yak

submitted January 8th 2007

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I Think It's Real...
11 years ago
if this is what this guy does just sitting in his mother's basement and then puts it on the internet... he's got to be like the coolest guy ever
11 years ago
he does an alright version of the entertainer I suppose, but then again how are you really going measure the quality of song done completely with hand farts?
11 years ago
With a rectal thermometer, it measures all kinds of shit.
11 years ago
It's amazing the things people learn to do while masturbating...
11 years ago
most people don't have to have both hands almost touching in order to that...
11 years ago
yea i dont kno how u masterbate but i dont do that
11 years ago
Its another one of those valuable life's skills that can be shared on the internet.
11 years ago
that is the dumbest thing i have ever seen
11 years ago
I totally agree with you.
5 years ago
* possum sics jrob on SOC now *
5 years ago
I'm waiting for someone that can actually do it just by passing gass
11 years ago
this is the entertainer
the old guy in family guy sings somewhere that's green from little shop of horrors...
11 years ago
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