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Persuasive Ad

Can't wait for McLimewire.


by Archman

submitted January 7th 2007

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Persuasive Ad
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And when I can finally illegally download food, it sure as all hell won't be McDonald's.
12 years ago
and it sure wont look like the burgers in the pictures either...
12 years ago
when you can download food, can one of you email me some cookies?
12 years ago
McDonalds is promoting illegal downloading? WTF? They have an alternative to both food and illegal downloading?
12 years ago
its because mcdonalds new image is "hip" and "fresh" and so very "now" they want to market themselves to the "meme generation" aka all the fucking kids you hear talking about how their friend of a friend has "150 entire albums" they "downloaded for free" off of the internet then post on their myspace just to show how trashy they are.... god i'm so bitter...
i guess thats what i get for being an "oldschool scene" person ;/
i actually hate mcdonalds advertising... and this sign from a graphic design point of view blows.... i mean you are a food company and you have "ill" right there in the open for your eye to catch... BRILLIANT! :P
12 years ago
im gonna download some celest pizzas...AND FUCK EM YO
12 years ago
Well if you can order a pizza toyour house in an online game like WoW then maybe if you use a friend's account and get the pizza from there then maybe....
12 years ago
who is gonna fuck the pizza though
12 years ago
Until you can illegally download food, you can shorten your life by eating this shit.
11 years ago
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