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Condom ad

interesting take on a condom ad.


by Stephen

submitted January 5th 2007

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clever. but i like to have sex with them after i kill them.
12 years ago
12 years ago
That certainly helps nullify any risk of her contracting VD.
12 years ago
Well I guess it saves you from paying...
12 years ago
You have to admit, that is a 100% effective birth control method.
12 years ago
My speakers are broken. Did they demand he wear a condom so he shot them?
12 years ago
haha no asshole it was an analogy, if you have unprotected sex, YOU'RE KILLING HER. What's with the bullet in the condom also?
12 years ago
that's a great way to get out of having to pay for sex
12 years ago
Bullet in condom...? He's firing blanks!!!!
12 years ago
Fuck that i hadn't got me hole in 5 or 6 months an i rode to last nite, fingers crossed
12 years ago
Yeah "two", i swear nothing beats an ego boost like fucking two girls in one night
12 years ago
im guessing by hole you mean Heaver for those of you that are new to the term think of it as he beaver.... fag
12 years ago
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