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Keith Richards Hits Fan In Face With Guitar

guitar to the head


by Stephen

submitted January 5th 2007

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keith is the fuckin man!
12 years ago
I love how laxed he is about it.
12 years ago
champion effort!
12 years ago
he didnt even miss a chord
12 years ago
"and a man comes on the raiiiiidio and beat down to a pulp!"
Good on him and I dont blame him...john lennon anyone?...who knows wtf to xspect nowadays...I seen this on another (lame) site and people were callin Kieth a bastard for this...bullshit...its New Years Eve for starters and terrorists ae the highlight of the news...he just did what he thought was approriate and thats that...Im sure Keith holds no hard feelings...that clown got what he deserved...no one, I repeat NOONE is like Kieth. I recently watched "Cocksucker blues" and its true...you can learn more about the rock and roll world watching Kieth Richards smoke a cigarette than all the biographys put together...2007 here we come!
12 years ago
i got to see them for free when they came to austin last fall. It was bad ass.
12 years ago
Well this doesn't surprise me, hes done much crazier shit in the past, and besides, if someone came at you on stage like that - what would your reaction be?
12 years ago
Bash his head in with my Fender, kieth, you rock, thats a true rocker in action. None of these pansy ass, limp wristed slacker grunge fucks would have the balls to do something like that
12 years ago
The way he took the guitar off makes it look like he's done that before.
12 years ago
if it weren't a guitar, it'd be th' plank!
pirates - rock stars of their day!
12 years ago
I FUCKING HATE GREEN DAY, but there is that one video of the singer beating the shit outta some guy, it might be on this site
12 years ago
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