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The Results of Boxing While Drunk

This kid just keeps getting up for more.


by Stephen

submitted January 4th 2007

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The guy in the red shirt is a wank. Attacking bare knuckle while your opponent is wearing (what looks to be) 16oz gloves is gay. Getting your ass knocked down anyways is just as bad.
11 years ago
"Results of Boxing While Drunk"
Drunk man obviously agreed to this repeated ass-kicking. He deserved it and had friends to back him, sorry, bail him out.
11 years ago
twister your a real prick
11 years ago
An "ass-kicking" in boxing? How ironic.
11 years ago
Stephen! Good girl. Take your meds and smoke Daddy's chill pipe. When it squirts you can go to bed.
11 years ago
I know my nuts are great but cmon THeDumbassnatar let some others get a turn.
11 years ago
Lame comeback....very lame. How old are you? 13?
11 years ago
HAHA Wham bam bitch goes down!
11 years ago
At least he won't feel as much pain because he's drunk. That is, until the next day.
11 years ago
He had to take he's gloves of so he could try scratch his eyes out, and pull his hair.
11 years ago
Dropped like a dummy haha
11 years ago
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