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the real voice of mario

didn't expect that.


by dugdug44

submitted January 3rd 2007

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wario say AWOOOGAA
12 years ago
12 years ago
what a gravy job, are they hiring for the voices of drunk pac men.
12 years ago
i do a great retard voice. anyone here wanna pay me to say some of the dumbest shit youveever heard live?
12 years ago
This guy prolly gets lots of ass for his voice. Wa Wa Waahhoo!!!
12 years ago
Hmm, i wonder if he knows when Super Mario Galaxy is going to be released???
12 years ago
soon it will be released till then just keep suckin it.
12 years ago
the Wii owns ALL, cant wait for mario galaxy and SSBBrawl
12 years ago
Can't wait for Metroid Prime either! And suck my wiiwii dugdug!
12 years ago
heheh... you should listen donald duck cumming!
12 years ago
First time I heard that I literally fell off my chair laughing
12 years ago
heh...is it just me, or does anyone else see the playstation 2/3 controller that guy is holding for the demo?
12 years ago
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