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A mock sexist service announcement telling women to know their place! And please, leave the commenting to this clip to the men, you guys should be cooking or something.... :P


by yak

submitted December 30th 2006

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wait yak, did you just say us GUYS should be cooking or sumfin? you sly fox...
12 years ago
aye! fetch me rum, wench!
12 years ago
Well, I have no problem with women equality and all that, but this is pretty funny. Let's all set the human race back 200 years!
12 years ago
*sigh* If only...
12 years ago
...all girls were hot. Then none would need personalities.
12 years ago
^Wise sage
10 years ago
Mattshizzle must have given these guys the pimp slap lesson. They keep their women in check.
12 years ago
Since when did Alfalfa and Frasier dine together?
12 years ago
This is from an old English comedy show "Harry Enfield and Friends" some of the sketches are very funny, Kevin and Perry is one of my favourites.
12 years ago
I would have laughed more if one of the guys was wearing a stained wife-beater and he hit the bitch for speaking up. The punch line would be that she'd was Britney and she starting singing "hit me baby one more time." That joke is shit because I am so fucking drunk right now and waiting for my ride to the next party.
12 years ago
harry enfield uesed to be great!..
12 years ago
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