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They Don't Make Em Like They Used To

In Soviet Russia stage interviews YOU! (and please I have no fucking clue if its in Russia, but it at least fit)


by yak

submitted December 30th 2006

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12 years ago
that set was probly put together by th' same blokes "buildin'" a house, 'cross th' street from our onshore apt - NOT. THAT house is a f*ing joke.
12 years ago
12 years ago
If all else fails read the instrutions. Or let a woman.
12 years ago
I was expecting porn being filmed in the other side.
12 years ago
I think some1 was trying to kill her or somthin??
12 years ago
The ending was hilarious.
12 years ago
Hahaha, that was great.
12 years ago
Well, she IS as flat as a board.
12 years ago
I'd fuck her. And just like the set, I'd donkey punch the bitch.
12 years ago
Sure you would..
12 years ago
take that you ugly bitch
12 years ago
She's kind of attractive in a mellowed out Susan Powter kind of freaky way.
12 years ago
Czech or Serbian or else.
5 years ago
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