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Jingle Boobs


3 chicks showing their boobs off for the holiday season.


by yak

submitted December 29th 2006

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.....damn hypnosis....gravity wont be their friend when they are grandmas....can you say "Hacky Sack"?
12 years ago
can you say "breast reduction"?
12 years ago
Yes... hacky âêëàäûø and óìåíüøåíèå ãðóäè. (Thank you Babel Fish)
12 years ago
Yeah, but for now you can put both nipples in your mouth at the same time.
12 years ago
They are like my girlfriends.. just out of curiosity has anyone ever been slaped in the face with boobs that size?
12 years ago
Not only the face, I've been slapped in the cock by tits like that. There's nothing like a big tittied, nymphomaniac christian-scientist.
12 years ago
I dunno, SINKT, the gorgeous assed, S&M, Amish emo I banged last week would be pretty tough to beat. I tried anal sex with a Hindi in a lilac bush with a maracca band in the back ground but it was pnly a distant second.
12 years ago
those are some fucked up russian babushka piglets
12 years ago
they're some pretty nice looking titties. yum much? slurp! suck! lick! i believe titty fucking is in order.
12 years ago
i believe that its wa to cold to do that at christmas!! can you say "frozen boobs"
11 years ago
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