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This is one way to wake you the fuck up from a boring drive!


by yak

submitted December 27th 2006

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What was that? Like a giant falling turd? Damn flying elephants!!
11 years ago
Called an IED dumb fuck but those elephants do alot of damage in India.
11 years ago
ohhhh i think i know what this is. there army men in iraq and someone threw a rock
11 years ago
The person kept mentioning that it was an IED. So apparently it was some form of a roadside bomb if he's right.
11 years ago
cmon c4ptain they both are joking
11 years ago
way to restate what was said in the video c4ptain. i really didn't understand that that explosion was from something that explodes until you commented.
11 years ago
I guess they werent gay...because they dident die....
I hope someone got this joke
11 years ago
i'm afraid i dident
11 years ago
that's an IED detonation. Semper Fi, green machines live another day.
11 years ago
The sky is falling.
11 years ago
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