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Crying clown.

My ab's hurt, right in that fucking clown's eye plus a kid gets hurt to :)



submitted December 26th 2006

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AHAHAHAHA.... take that clown!!!
11 years ago
This is what happens when mom leaves to go visit her mother....
11 years ago
hahaha...what show is this???
11 years ago
11 years ago
this...this is golden
11 years ago
we aint had that show in the UK but we NEED IT HERE!!!!

dumb fwucking clowwwn
11 years ago
That kid hitting the park car was the best. Makes me want to go out and set up a kid the same way.
11 years ago
lol holy shit
11 years ago
Worlds Most Amazing Videos needs to get a guy like that to host there show. Pretty funny. Clips older then shit thoe.
11 years ago
Was he trying to sound like Joe Pesci?

Female clowns are hot. It'd hit one in the eye with a cumshot.
11 years ago
fuck clowns female ones that is haha
11 years ago
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