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Linerider Urban Run

Parkour has even been taken up by linerider! I wonder how long it took to make this course ;/


by yak

submitted December 26th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthyBarret
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I wanna see a cock mutilation-themed linerider clip.
11 years ago
Too long. Thats how long.
11 years ago
it rawked!
11 years ago
he must have no life
11 years ago
Says the "non-Nazi," swastika toting goof who comments nonsensically on just about everything posted here.
11 years ago
Wow, I've tried to make good runs on that, I can't do shit. This is one of the best I've seen yet.
11 years ago
Thats amazing. I've seen good ones done before but this takes the cake.
11 years ago
I still like the winter one better, but this linerider shit still amazes me.
11 years ago
I've never been able to go through some lines and not others. I think s/he is cheating.
11 years ago
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