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Christmas is cancelled next year

Santa should have filed his flight plan with air traffic control.



submitted December 25th 2006

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Christmas is cancelled next year
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holy shit, i saw this pic back when i first started using teh internets about oh....5 years ago!
12 years ago
The Pilot is probably an angry Jesish guy.
12 years ago
Exactly what religion is a Jesish guy from, anyway? I suspect an offshoot of Scientology.
12 years ago
Your way off, the Jesish are definitely Daoists.
12 years ago
I hope this means they'll stop playing all the shitty christmas music. It's enough to make me want to kill someone and rape their cold, bloody corpse. CHRISTMAS IS OVER STOP FUCKING TORTURING ME!
12 years ago
a fedex plane no doubt?
12 years ago
when you can't beat the competition, just kill it
12 years ago
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