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ASIMO Unseen Commercial

I'm not sure why they WOULDN'T show this.


by yak

submitted December 22nd 2006

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Looks like he pulled a hamstring, should have stretched first.
12 years ago
No comment...
12 years ago
What's the big dealm plenty of people do that, why should little slavebot be any different?
12 years ago
That must of REALLY sucked for Honda..
12 years ago
"technology...making better, better...onwards, upwards, anyway but backwards...taping progress on the shoulder and saying...shit... there goes several billion in development"
12 years ago
hahaha! well put.
12 years ago
They should make it so that it cries when it falls down. All the chicks would want one.
12 years ago
will we still be laughing when it's flying around in aircraft, blowing us up, crushing our skulls and riding our motorbikes?!
12 years ago
you know I'd call you crazy but I suppose they did elect schwarzenegger governor...I mean the next thing you know you won't have to be native born to run for the presidency, then arnold will run again - some how pull a win out of his ass - and then became immortalized as mr. universe when they use him as a model skin for a true to life combat drone...far fetched but sadly more probably then we'd all safely believe
12 years ago
uh...i watched this commercial today...
12 years ago
OOPS. did they test it first, b'fore makin' public blunder?
12 years ago
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