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Christmas Tree Jump

The kid who did this I'm sure thought it was funny at the time, but i suspect he won't think its so funny when he finally gets caught :(


by yak

submitted December 22nd 2006

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12 years ago
seems there's a helluva lof of bjchicks that aren't commenting here. NEways, this would be vaguely interesting if the little fag's name wasn't "xander..."
12 years ago
Crazy kid. Had to hurt like hell to grab on. And what kind of name is Xander?
12 years ago
What about the teacher who just casually walks over and takes him to the office. It's Xander again, god dammit!
12 years ago
...would have been much been much more enjoyable if this was done in a mall...
12 years ago
I was hoping it would play out like that guy who light the bush on fire and tried to jump through.
12 years ago
Pimples and Braces
12 years ago
JUMP = 6 , GRAB = 8 , DISMOUNT = 3
12 years ago
happy christmas to the people that have to put all the fucking decorations up
10 years ago
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