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Vacuum Horror Story


It seemed like such a good idea at the time!


by yak

submitted December 21st 2006

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Great laugh!
12 years ago
Haven't laughed that hard in a while
12 years ago
I gotta try that, looks like a blast.
12 years ago
i did this once. it made me a cool dude man man man in school. chicks digged me.
12 years ago
...why do I think they're British? Still, it had me laughing.
12 years ago
He looks like an Auschuwitz survivor
12 years ago
thank you very much i think i can officially laugh and not be considered sadistic. thanks
12 years ago
It would have better if it was a chick with a big ass...I got problems.
12 years ago
That kid found the one way he could be cool.
12 years ago
That laughing was soo annoying.
12 years ago
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