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Faith SFX

Faith SFX in Korea. One of the nicest beatbox I heard in a while. Listen to the godfather theme at the end.


by bugmenot

submitted December 21st 2006

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No Kid Beyond
11 years ago
11 years ago
thats the noise kaigan and yak make when they fonddle eachother
11 years ago
You're just jealous because no one will touch you, not even your mom after you went impotent.
11 years ago
5:44 you taking the piss? ADD ppl ADbastardD do you have any idea what that means? keep videos short i have a very shor
11 years ago
crikey, that look'd like 'nam. what's wrong with that cameraman?!
11 years ago
this kid sucks, ive seen better
11 years ago
yeah, he's no "that black guy from the Police Academy movies", thats for sure.
11 years ago
Dude the guy from Police Acadamy is way better. Also plays in Space Balls. Pizza The Hut
11 years ago
hay i cant doit so its good to me.
11 years ago
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