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Jamie Hammer Cam


Some chick stripping for you fucks :P


by yak

submitted December 19th 2006

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not muchoworthysmerf
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wow, just wow! damn shes fine!
12 years ago
want one of those!
that was actually nice, she had someone workin' th' camera for her, an' not just a steady cam. =)
12 years ago
Although this kind of misses the point of the video; she should have called it "Hammer Time!" not video cam diaries 3 or whatever.
12 years ago
http://www.myspace.com/jaimehammer her myspace =)
12 years ago
to be honest if she cant blow water from her pussy then its nothing new... this is the internet... i can look at my mum getting changed if i wanna see nice tits...............
12 years ago
Your mom has nice tits? Do you have a sister? That chick with the water was hot.

I like natural tits.

What's with the strip tease thing? If you go to a car dealership and ask to look under the hood of a car, does the salesman ever hold the hood open 1/4 for 10 minutes? I would knock him out. This chick would definitely get it in the ass and would be on sandwich duty for a week.
12 years ago
haha awesome
12 years ago
oh and as far as the teasing thing, this is just a short version. The full thing is twice as long, and she gets completely naked and dances around a lot more

12 years ago
EDIT: There's no space there at the end of that link (between sht and ml)
12 years ago
From the title I figured they had some kinda dildo mounted camera that would jackhammer the bitch. There should be a warning somewhere that the video is just some dumb bitch showing her tits so that the people who have been desensitized by years of mainstream porn won't waste their time.
12 years ago
Holy shit she is fine! More!!!
12 years ago
good looking girl, totally unhot bra though.
12 years ago
dam she is fine...
11 years ago
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