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Dick in a Box

Looking for the right gift to give your girlfriend/wife at Christmas? SNL has an idea for you.

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by stewieX

submitted December 19th 2006

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i laughed.. i cried.... i liked it
12 years ago
Not Timberlake, but the other guy, It seems like every SNL digital short that he is in is hilarious.
12 years ago
Yeah, Andy Samburg is a fucking champ
12 years ago
i guess i'm the only one who thinks SNL is for people whos humor bones haven't evolved :P
12 years ago
SNL generally sucks, Timberlake sucks ass, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this skit, and much more so the unedited version. Anymore I just tune in for Weekend Update, only consistently good writing left on the show.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Dude, that is funny as hell. As much as I hate to say it, Timberake is outstanding when he hosts SNL. I love Maya Rudolph, wish she was in more sketches.
12 years ago
So that's where I was going wrong every Christmas. I'd always end up putting it in her box after I showed it to her.
12 years ago
Yeah I went wrong by doing that for my mom last christmas. Boy was that embarressing!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Fucking shit, that song has been in my head since this morning.
12 years ago
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