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Great American Douchebag - Mr. Latenight Drunk Dialer

This one has to go out to lava, for all the times that fuck phoned me drunk on his cellphone talking about falling into glass on the sidewalk...


by yak

submitted December 17th 2006

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Everybody hates the drunk dialers.
12 years ago
budweiser will send out assassins for this. I was GOING a website for Budweiser, and I got to speak to their legal department for 3 days, submit about 50 forms just to use their secret font, for THEIR BUD MUSIC site!
12 years ago
I have totally watched people do this before. Hard to believe I used to be around people who acted like that.

Okay, okay. I used to come home from work, drink all the junk my friend(s) would leave at my place (don't ask) and get on the IRC and slur-type all night. It got so bad, I guess, that my online group of friends seriously considered a virtual intervention. Of course all of them also being slackers they never got past the initial concept stage.

There. Happy now?
12 years ago
i called a few people this weekend, but it was cause i was handcuffed for 4 hours and left out in a car while they faked a search warrent and went in my house.... i just reached to my side and put people on speaker :)
12 years ago
lava's a GUY?!?
12 years ago
or a very ugly woman...
with a deep voice
12 years ago
I do that sometimes.
12 years ago
I use to do that under the influence of Coke..
12 years ago
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