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Iraqi Treadmill

Iraq 8 USA 1


by yak

submitted December 17th 2006

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imafo screaming like a girl, while wearing that night dress and pulling his skirt up to run faster!
oh god.. funny fucking arabs
12 years ago
allah akbar... allllaaaaaah.. akbar
12 years ago
I'm pretty sure I herd him say....THE FUCK?.....hasn't this guy seen a treadmill before?.........What; has he been living in a cave?........ohh....nevermind!!;)
12 years ago
Should be shot on site. It's all fun & games until some towelhead come flying thru a wall at your HMMWV...
12 years ago
I'll walk a mile for a camel.
12 years ago
... unless the sheep are closer.
12 years ago
lol, owned .
12 years ago
that's the solution to the iraq problem. just drop a bunch of treadmills and they'll kill themselves off with rampid stupidity.
12 years ago
Okay that was funny. The "whoop" sound is what did it.
12 years ago
muWahahahaha!!! that's funny!
he kept lookin' b'hind himself - wtf was THAT about?! hahahahhaha.........
12 years ago
He was checking if there was a marine behind him..........it's a survival technik.
12 years ago
There was a wall right behind him. Directly behind the treadmill. (genius placement there) So I imagine he was scared of getting plastered into the wall.

It's funny how he kept looking back though. Like the wall was chasing him.
12 years ago
That reminds me of the time I had ice cream with the prophet muhammed
12 years ago
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