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Taking a REALLY long piss

I can't imagine how much he drank if this is real.


by yak

submitted December 17th 2006

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I'll comment in a minute............I gotta take a leak real loooong.
12 years ago
pissin a lil steady to be drunk dont u think....
12 years ago
credit where credit is due but what kind of a biatch takes his pants down to his ankles for a piss!!! damn dude.
12 years ago
hahaha, i do that in public restrooms just to get a reaction!
12 years ago
lol, ive wanted to try that...soo funny.
12 years ago
I wouldn't want to put my pants back on if they had touched the floor around a public urinal. I used to manage a nightclub and you wouldn't believe the shit that drunks do in a public bathroom.
12 years ago
you wouldn't want to do that in most of the bar/pub bathrooms i've been in.. the worst was one in dublin where by the end of the night you had to wade through 3 inches of urine and puke cuz someone took a shit in the trough urinal which plugged it so peoples piss kept flowing out of it.... it was great ;/
12 years ago
youve got problems
12 years ago
hte video's prolly looped or sumthin
12 years ago
Seems like he's got flow problems.... or squeezing his dick to slow the flow to make the time go. Yo.
12 years ago
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