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Rapper Impressions

He's pretty good, I think we have another video of him doing the same thing somewhere. He does a pretty good Snoop.


by yak

submitted December 17th 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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that's the guy from madtv..
11 years ago
i thought it looked like him... but i thought he was much skinnier
well not much... but at least quite a bit :P
11 years ago
didn't he hook up with debra wilson?
11 years ago
No, but he fucked my ex Mary Jane in SF
11 years ago
Jesus Christ, could you ever consider saying anything that is even remotely interesting?! Nobody fucking cares if you know a guy who knows a guy who has a sister who knows a celebrity, okay? Also, we don't care who fucked your cosplaying/fugly ex! Seriously Ryo, STFU.
11 years ago
I think for someone to write a several sentence paragraph saying how much they don't give a fuck, really does care and was either jealous or whatever at the fact that Ryoga know's people.... You're just mad, Epstrin, that you don't get out enough and MEET people.. Go out more man, you won't be so uptight and agry, seriously.
11 years ago
Wow, you're right, I've never thought of it like that! ... Actually, the reason I went on a rant there is that every second time I see the comments of a vid, I see Ryo bragging about his exes and cosplay friends. It's just stupid. And if getting out more would mean getting into the cosplaying stuff, and getting to know B-celebrities (Excuse the bad English, I'm Norwegian), I'd rather be sitting on my ass all day. Not that I do though... :p
11 years ago
That was really good
11 years ago
i taught my monkey to juggle potatoes. this is way better.
11 years ago
That was great! I wonder what he sounds like rapping in his own voice? He's definately got some flow he should come out with an album.
11 years ago
If I wanted to imitate a rapper I'd just throw a piece of my own shit at some dumbfuck 12 year old white kid wearing a jersey and tell him to get $20 from his mom to pay me.
11 years ago
This guy is hilarious, I love his impersonations... He's been on Conan' O Brien a couple times... cracked me up :D
11 years ago
Aries Spears.. he is funny, but I didn't realize he was this good. Those are dead-on.. Snoop Dog, even Jay-Z and even LL Cool J?? Awesome.
And I'm not even a racist, thats whats so insane about this.
11 years ago
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