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Psychic Sylvia Browne gets owned

pretty funny how far off she is these clips


by Stephen

submitted December 16th 2006

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stupid bitch..
11 years ago
This is just said to watch.
11 years ago
What a fraud.

11 years ago
She is about as psychic as a block of head cheese.
11 years ago
no no no he's in water im telling you! WATER DAMMIT... she tries so hard to cover up she failed lmao
11 years ago
maybe it was the fireman putting out the fire... WTF
11 years ago
hahahha omfglol! the other one was great to!
family:"we lost our daughter about 5 years ago and we still didn't know how she died" sylvia:"she was shot, i sense something, she was shot in the chest" family:"but she just collapsed in her room one day and the doctors didnt find anything at the autopsy!?" sylvia:"i still sense she was shot or hit by something in the chest!"
11 years ago
I sense that Sylvia lives in a nice house and hasn't worked for a living in quite some time.
See... this shit's easy. Start sending me money you bitches.
11 years ago
when you cant think of a better lie, definately think of something better to say.....that chic was seriously puzzled and bummed, love montels reaction too, get off the fucking air you washed up shitface
11 years ago
she could have said something WAY better for the chicks boyfriend or husband.... something like "i sense that his death effected a huge number of people" that could have fit for anything ;/
she needs to take some lessons from the southpark kids :P
was it kyle? or stan?
11 years ago
Kyle got duped and went back to super jew school cause he thought his dead grandma wanted him too. Stan then went to John Edwards and called him a douche.
11 years ago
wow, i'm now a believer.
11 years ago
Jesus, I wouldn't fucking hit either of them. And I'm horny today.
11 years ago
I'm sensing It has been 2 years since she cut her fingernails.
11 years ago
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