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Failed on Air Suicide

Thats one way to do it. Would have been interesting if he was successful :/


by yak

submitted December 15th 2006

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I love it how they just sit back down to continue the interview like nothing had happened.
12 years ago
lol...funny how they continued with the interview after he tried to kill himself. maybe its fake.
12 years ago
WOW, 3 min late...
12 years ago
Needs subtitles and a match.
12 years ago
gonna need some more fuel than that you stupid Italian dumbass

I heard him say "morte, and benzizni, meaning benzene, which is damn flamible"
12 years ago
i think benzini means gasoline, not benzene. benzine means gasoline in dutch too fyi.
12 years ago
12 years ago
haha, idiot?. he could have atleast planned it better =(
12 years ago
lame.. the guy totally spoiled the surprise!
12 years ago
I believe that noise at the end when they all sat down was the host shitting his pants.
12 years ago
If it was benzene they'd all be puking their lungs out...

Prolly just lighter fluid (petrol maybe) or whatever equivalent flammable the EU hasn't already banned there yet.
12 years ago
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