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Stuffin' mice in a bottle

Classic Clip of Bob & Doug MacKenzie How to get free beer. Thats Rick Moranis and the clip is from SCTV in Canada


by Bumfuckio

submitted December 14th 2006

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Hey Yak, I never asked, but do you say "eh?" a whole lot in conversation? Like, "Hey, how ya doin eh?" LOL!
12 years ago
no... only hicks and people from the east of canada really say that :P
12 years ago
we do however eat a LOT of macaroni and cheese (kraft dinner) and drink a lot of beer ;/
12 years ago
12 years ago
Its called KAYDEE eh, and you can get all french with it too eh, ya just add a can of cream of mushroom soup an some cooked hamburger and you can feed everyone in the apartment eh.
12 years ago
wtf is wrong with you bumfuckio? are you french canadian or something???? :P
12 years ago
Couldnt do the math? draw a few circles a few lines and there ya go...
12 years ago
never thought Yak could be a Canadian.
12 years ago
uh... you've been going to some other muchosucko then or something? cause, this is nothing new
12 years ago
Fuckin Bob and Doug McKenzie..... geniuses. Watch 'Strange Brew'. It's starring them and it's HILLARIOUS.
12 years ago
naw, sound'd like they were sayin' "eh" same as a loto' people say "like", every other word. usin' "eh", "correctly" (as it were), brits say it a lot, as in, "got it?", eh? (we also say "bob's yer uncle" & "fanny's yer aunt".)
12 years ago
kinda lame, not so funny the second time
12 years ago
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