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Skinny puppy - tester


New muchosucko??? Needs more eraserhead.

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by Anonymous

submitted December 14th 2006

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hahahahhhahahha nothin better then animals on drugs
i think this is where Mudvayne got the name for there cd LD 50 cuz skinny puppy is a big influence of theres
11 years ago
LD....means leathel dose
The number represents the percentage that it will take to kill said animal
11 years ago
Wow this really bothered me-
one thinks if you can look at subvom your invincible, but this proved me wrong
11 years ago
can some one tell me wat was wat i just saw, cuz i was looking at the naked girls in the left all the time, and the music helped the fantasy too.
ahh crap gotta watch it again!
11 years ago
okay im not all for animal testing if its for stoopid crap like perfume, cleaning shyt and wut not, but if 500 monkeys have to die to cure cancer so be it
11 years ago
If you need to burn 5,000,000 kittens alive to cure my halitosis then so be it. I am at the top of the food chain for a reason.
11 years ago
The name of the song is "Testure"
11 years ago
Why was there scenes from; Water Ship Down, The Elephant Man, Eraser Head......
11 years ago
figures... th' stuff ye think ye might want t' check out, are th' fleeting images, while they expose ye long'r t' th' more disturbing things. their point, ay guess.
11 years ago
....well the hamburger looked tastey?
11 years ago
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