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Drunk Girl Interview

He should have tazed her.


by yak

submitted December 13th 2006

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lol, doo doo
11 years ago
It might be Doo Doo!
11 years ago
God bless the U-nited states ooof aaamerica..hicup
11 years ago
She looks like a sad little panda. Note to everyone: you know when you're drinking a couple whatevers, and you feel nice and warm and happy? Skin tingles, everything's good and great in the world. Know that feeling?

Good. STOP DRINKING. It will never get any better than that, no matter how much more you try to drink.

I'm going to go jerk off to some Muppet porn. Take care people!
11 years ago
im not sure...
11 years ago
Clearly, Chris, you are not a real drunk. There are so many more worthwhile stages.
11 years ago
yes, like waking up on the hood of your car w/ your keys in your ass, I love that part.
11 years ago
Is she black?
11 years ago
Hey heres one for "Y'all"...
What do you call a native American whose finished five years of medical school????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
A Fuckin Doctor you racists!
11 years ago
What do you call an African American with a PhD in Nuclear Physics from MIT?

A nigger. Duh!
11 years ago
Im going on holidays till January, love all you muchosuckers...
11 years ago
I can't stand pieces of shit like that. Scream all you want you trailer park bitch. She probably tried to sue the arresting officer.Fucking tramp.
11 years ago
why ye screamin' like that fer?
i'm not sure....
11 years ago
Oh for fuck sakes taze the bitch!!!
11 years ago
since when is it illegal for a girls to offer fellatiatic services on the side of the road to get money for a quart of vodka?
11 years ago
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