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Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

The Jews are coming!!!


by yak

submitted December 13th 2006

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Oh for fucks sakes, let sleeping dogs lie...I mean.. this is funny but I also mean..
The man who brought you such good memories of a sawed off shotgun, dinky di dog food and in the Patriot gave us all that satisfaction of a real way to kill someone with a hatchet. Never to be outdone, he also brought us a movie that is most likely on everyones top ten, thats right, BRAVEHEART, if you didnt like that movie your fuckin queer! I say give ol' MADMAX a break, hes the greatest, I love him and wish him all the best...I will go see this movie and so will you, so fuck what he said while drunk once...I forgive him, God knows Ive said WAYYYYYYYY WORSE than he...for fuck sakes MEL I LOVE YOU . Knock 'em dead kid!
12 years ago
i can honestly say braveheart wouldn't be in my top 100 movies.... maybe top 10,000... but it would be close.
12 years ago
Mel rules. He made me feel ok about being a hate-filled alcoholic again. Besides, drinking and driving never hurt anyone.
12 years ago
Christianity, anti-semitism and alcohol all go hand in hand. I think I may see this flick, after I get back from the Iran "the holocaust never happened" meeting.
12 years ago
Dude... I saw Apocolypto... And it was pretty fucking Good. I must say....
12 years ago
I thought it was pretty good myself
12 years ago
I downloade a shitty cam that i threw away. then I downloaded another shitty cam almost worse than the first. So Now Im wating for an aXXo RIP. And also, some jews do suck
12 years ago
hey, jews, gold... ye do th' math....
(pirates run off wi' th' gold, while yer lookin' th' other way.............eh)
12 years ago
I think the people in the audience laughing at this are as racist as Mel, especially those that thought "I smell bagels" was so hilarious. Perhaps they're simply sheep that said to themselves, "this is SNL so it must be funny. I better laugh or I'll look stupid."
12 years ago
I believe Mel was referring to the Hollywood jews. The all mighty dollar, put a shank in your back, scam you out of money, ruin your career, kick you in the nuts and piss on your back jews. Religion aside, their just bad people. But, I'm just guessing.
12 years ago
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