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EX Bomb Squad

.... Boom?


by yak

submitted December 13th 2006

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its always the blue wire dumbass!!!
12 years ago
wat the heck was that?
a suicide bomber?
12 years ago
someone set us up the bomb..
12 years ago
12 years ago
Oops, wrong order. We get image.
12 years ago
its all uncle saddam's fault
12 years ago
Those two guys after...
looks like the guys pointing to the roof and saying "well, theres his leg..."
12 years ago
I'm guessing that's IRA stuff from the 90's? There wouldn't be much left of him, poor bugger.
12 years ago
the man is the suit is an explosives ordnance disposal technician...i guess whats happening in the video is some kind of ied or breifcase bomb or something...the robot thing looked like a talon...its a common robot used in eod reconnisance(sp).

i doubt he lived based of the fact that they didnt show the body...but the suit he is wearing is the eod-8...its a very thick very heavy bomb suit and its fucking wicked...i am in the army and i went through this school and failed out about 22 weeks in...cause im retarded...i got a chance to wear the bomb suit and its no joke..its very heavy and hard to manuver....

there is a possibility that he or she lived..cause the suit can take a lot of pressure...but he would have lost his hands for sure
12 years ago
12 years ago
Well Thank you James Bond...He damned blowed himself to frickin smithereens maaaaaan! (*Best Chris Farley voice*)
12 years ago
Wow...thats crazy.
12 years ago
this was in Russia, the disposal guy (who died) was called to a bag full of explosives that a woman (chechen) had left in the street.
12 years ago
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