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Steeple Chase of DEATH!!

OUCH! Just walk it off... Walk it off...


by yak

submitted December 13th 2006

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12 years ago
like my daddy always said, "if you're gonna be the worst, be the best at it"
12 years ago
WTF is up with the music???
12 years ago
um, is that kenny g? i mean on the horse, not the music.... fuck off
12 years ago
There is just something about those sorts of sports that shit me, people who get injured in them deserve it. Poor horse.
12 years ago
The melody song is the theme from titanic - My heart will go on...
somehow I dont think thats true for this sad fucktard
12 years ago
I'm guessing that this time the steeple got away. :\
12 years ago
Ba dum bum
12 years ago
superman nooooo
12 years ago
He wasn't as lucky as Christopher Reeves.
12 years ago
Oh damn. That really sucks.
12 years ago
i'm thinking that hurt....bad
12 years ago
im thinking his head is smashed like a tomato
12 years ago
upvote for the music
5 years ago
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