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White Niggers

At least thats what it says in the subtitles, anyone able to translate what the guy is saying for sure?


by yak

submitted December 13th 2006

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hint..white font on a white background cannot be read.

12 years ago
there should be more teachers like this with a clear point of view which provide a clear orientation for life.
11 years ago
Unless he is just saying shit in English, which happens a lot in Germany, in German white is Weiss. I'm guessing nigger is nigger. First time it sounds like white niggers, second time it sounds like Weisse niggers, which makes sense if nigger is also a German word and has the article die.
12 years ago
Sounds like my german teachers growing up. *smiles* No reason not to get on their good side!
12 years ago
haha.. it sounds like this: *german german german WHITE NIGGERS german german*
12 years ago
I was wondering if he was gonna do the ol' Sieg Heil at the end...reminds me of that movie with Donold Sutherland in it "Apt Pupil?"
12 years ago
a racist teacher.. nice
12 years ago
we won the war to stop this shit. let me call him up and sort it out..
12 years ago
he needs to learn the word, "wigger"
12 years ago
hahaha good one :D
12 years ago
ok well i can speak pretty decent german, and he says what it sounds like. he just yelling at an english class in school. he yells saying the kid shouldn't pretend they can't speak english, even a chimp can speak english. then yeah, he calls them white niggers, dumb and lazy. he can't believe it; don't they have brains? fucking white niggers, straightup.
12 years ago
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