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Cousin Pete Wants a PSP

Information about this video is such: Sony has started a viral video campaign using services such as youtube bla bla bla to try to convince people these are real people joking around in front of their cameras showing how much they really want a psp for Christmas. Here is """Cousin Pete"""


by yak

submitted December 12th 2006

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th' hat was a hoot!
12 years ago
its pretty funny that they are still trying to market these pieces of shit
12 years ago
based on his rapping skillz, im never buying another sony product EVER!!
12 years ago
the psp is a cool piece of hardware, honestly. I always looked at it as some sort of unwanted child from their factory. Because of its open format, it is somehow out of control. Plus it is really a multimedia station. Ok ok, so as far as the psp is concerned, I'm a geek.

But Sony merchandising style has to be one of the crappiest out there.
12 years ago
i've been playing dungeon siege: throne of agony for the past couple days on my psp... if you liked diablo and diablo 2 you would like it *shrug*
12 years ago
I've been playing MLB06 on my psp for a while and I'm hooked to that damned baseball game and I recently picked up the Metal Gear game, haven't played it, but it's all the rave. The PSP is not a bad system, but Sony decided to go the retarded route again and have proprietary format (MiniDisc players and the sound format they would play?) The movies are just as expensive if not more than regular DVD's and until this past year, the game selection hasn't been all that great. And if you want to put your own movies on there, you're basically stuck to the 2gb limit. PSP could have been so much better, but for some reason, Sony has chosen some bad marketing techniques on it. ugh!
12 years ago
Also, yak, I read that DS: Throne of Agony wasn't all that great (got like 6.8 on gamespot). Does it do the Dungeon Siege series justice?
12 years ago
to be honest i've never played dungeon siege on any other platform, so i'm not sure.. are the others basically like diablo? the game itself has some bugs but thats MOST LIKELY because i'm playing it using devhook :PP
as far as metal gear acid? if thats what you are talking about... meh... i own it and ... i only played it for a day really... i was expecting more from it. although i did like locoroco ;/
but i like weird games ;)
the worst part about sony is the fact that they are so quick to ditch a technology, such as their umd disc for movies, so now the only thing its useful for is the games (i actually didn't mind picking up cheap movies on umd to watch on the train and shit or on planes) but now they basically just started phasing them out.
dejavu bought one of those brain training games today for her ds... and im happy to say my brain is 'younger' then hers is ;/
12 years ago
PSP PSP PSP PSP all i want for christmas is a PSP PSP PSP PSP PSP
12 years ago
It's K-Fed!
12 years ago
new image...woo! gotta love me my Cunnilingus Rice
12 years ago
you know I really wonder what it would be like to get a blow job from her...just the scandle that would result and all
12 years ago
God dam With that face of her's, shit, Not million years..
12 years ago
I've heard that people with gap teeth are feisty in bed. I guess cause they don't get it as often with that gap or something. Perhaps the same rule of having sex with fat chicks? I personally wouldn't know...thankfully.
12 years ago
biggest waist of time
12 years ago
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