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Rayman Raving Rabbits

Game for the Wii, I just had to post this because of how freaky those "rabbits" are, not to mention the game looks kind of fun... At least the cow milking part ;/


by yak

submitted December 11th 2006

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I thought they were called Rabbids.
11 years ago
I played it through on the pc.. Kinda boring game, basically it's just 70 minigames. Prolly much more fun when you are drunk and playing it on a wii with friends tho.
11 years ago
i've seen it on the wii.. are you sure it were 70 minigames? i don't remember seeing that much..
11 years ago
On the Wii it's a brillant game.

It's actually pretty exhausting fapping to a bunch of rabbids with the numchuck in one hand while pointing the wiiimote to aim your gun.
11 years ago
you have to fap a bunch of cartoon rabbits? SOLD
11 years ago
meh. short version of this is on th' telly. advert fer Wii, an' that other game. (ay thot th' announcer at th' beginnin' sound'd a lot like Don LaFontaine!)
11 years ago
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