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Juice it!

There's something satisfying about watching ultra high speed footage of golf balls being blasted through things such as birthday cake and other things.


by yak

submitted December 11th 2006

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At the end I was hoping to hear "Amber Walker, my slutty ex-girlfriend"..
11 years ago
11 years ago
Why say "fresh" cantaloupe? They didn't do a comparison test with rotten cantaloupe. Do they assume that I would think they were using rotten cantaloupe if they just said cantaloupe? Was that a stale birthday cake?
11 years ago
lol i was thinking the same thing
11 years ago
Head of a Taliban insurgent. Boom
11 years ago
I think I'll make a fruit salad this way.
11 years ago
That jar of mayo reminded me of something but I can't quite put my dick on it.
11 years ago
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