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Skateboard Slalom

This just looks so fucking weird.


by yak

submitted December 11th 2006

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holy shit, he was kinda chubby too
12 years ago
That looked really funny.
12 years ago
He's got moves for a big guy...
12 years ago
Whooo Hooo!! 15 years of training and I make a video some people will see on the net and forget about 2 days later.
12 years ago
this clip is from a UK program called "record breakers" and is about 20yrs old. the guy in the red is roy castle and hes a national treasure. the fat guy however is not. all the same this was a big deal at the time.. theres still not 1 american that has stood up to try and beat our guys valiant record!
12 years ago
Chris Farley would kick his ass
12 years ago
he must be doing this everyday to be this good....his menu must be huge the be that fat!!
12 years ago
Is the fat I tel youl, Is the FAT..
12 years ago
just imagine if there was a cheeseburger at the end of the slalom? <--- i made a fat joke.
12 years ago
actually it looked like he was using his gut to his advantage.. great in a few years there will be a plus size competition group at the X-games
12 years ago
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