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coke or pepsi?

either pepsi's taking over or there's something fishy going on


by DejaVu

submitted December 10th 2006

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coke or pepsi?
not muchoworthyjrob2020
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its the cola mafia!
12 years ago
going to put some cement around its base and throw it in a river?
12 years ago
Back home we'd kneecap it with a golf club first, though I don't think that applies here.
12 years ago
Maybe the Pepsi folk are just stealing it. That dosen't look like a good neighborhood.
12 years ago
I used to work at a bottle redemption center. We used to have to seperate the pepsi products from the coke ones. Later on pepsi started picking up coke products as well, they made some kind of agreement. I'm sure it has to do with the more popular product in the area. In some places I'm willing to bet coke picks up pepsi products.
12 years ago
yeah they are pretty ruthless... i remember the coke and pepsi reps coming into my relatives restaurant and talking to them... they would just keep throwing more and more free things trying to make it so they would carry exclusively one product or the other
12 years ago
yes they get anal indeed, i know this all too well. do you like death threats? serious they go as far as this
12 years ago
The soda industry is a seedy one indeed.
12 years ago
try beer, wine and liqour. As a cutthroat industry i mean. or the other way too.
12 years ago
AB for life!!!!!
12 years ago
Pepsi takes coke up the rear.
12 years ago
Punky takes coke up the front.
5 years ago
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