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Awesome Truck Balance

Well, it started awesome... and then well... turned awesome for another reason.


by yak

submitted December 10th 2006

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He had some kinda steering on the back
12 years ago
unless the track is slanted
12 years ago
LOL, I thought the fellow was going to get run over.
12 years ago
Yeah, I definitely thought it was going to roll onto him from the pic.
12 years ago
very dissapointing
12 years ago
wow... this is awesome? where's the dismembered bodies???
12 years ago
Off all the interesting stunts and crashes I've ever seen, this would probably top the list as being the most embarassing from the drivers point of view.

Imagine doing a neat trick like that, which seems to pose little or no dangerous aspect what so ever untill the last moment where you suddenly manage loose controll (going at a relatively slow speed I might add) and pretty much completely destroy the vehicle.

I can almost see audience members being confused as to whether or not the crash was actually part of the act
12 years ago
btw was that one of those transport tow trucks? The big ones they use to haul the highway transports when the break down...I didn't get a decent look
12 years ago
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